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New Arizonan, Original Kansas Citian, Arizona Dreamer, National Park Explorer, Amateur Photographer, Former Railroader, Husker Alumni, Avid Blackhawk Fan, and Long Distance Thru-Hiker.  


Just a few words that begin to describe my life.  I grew up in Kansas City and never got out much until I traveled to the cornfields of Nebraska to swim for the University of Nebraska.  After four years of swimming I accepted an internship in the San Jouqian Valley of California where a weekend trip changed my life.


A two day trip to Yosemite National Park was all it took to spark a passion for photography and the great outdoors.  My father and I did a hike up Yosemite Falls on a higher than average snowfall year and the falls were roaring.  The views at the top of the falls were absolutely amazing and I knew then I wanted to explore even more.  


After school I accepted a job with a railroad and moved out to Denver where I absolutely fell in loved with the mountains.  From Estes Park to Colorado Springs I fell in love with the majesty of the Rockies.  On the railroad I was busy traveling the region by rail.  From Gillette, Wyoming to Dalhart, Texas my first year on the railroad took me to 14 states and allowed me to see the country in a way that most people won’t, by rail!


I picked up my things and got a new position with the railroad in Flagstaff, Arizona which is by far my favorite place that I have lived in my life.  I love the diversity of the state and it never ceases to amaze me.  I was able to visit the Grand Canyon a half dozen times and I long to go back all the time because there is so much to be discovered.  


After my time in Arizona, the railroad brought me to Minneapolis and I finally lived in a state that loves hockey (even though they hate my team!).  I loved the all year round lake life of the state from hiking the North Shore in summer to ice fishing in the winter!  My time with the railroad came to an end and I packed all my belongings, put them in storage and set out to hiker the Pacific Crest Trail. 

On April 24, 2019, I set off from the US/Mexico Boarder and for five months and four days I walked through deserts and mountains to the US/Canada boarder to complete my hike of the Pacific Crest Trail.


My journey is a work in progress and I have no idea where it is headed! Only time will tell!

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