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From Crooked Media, This Land take a look at Indian Land and Indian Law and the role the federal courts have played in both.  With Sharp v Murphy on the Supreme Court's document this term the stakes have never been higher.  This series takes a look at the sovereignty of tribes across the country and what that means for the people who have lived on it for generations. 


NPR's reporting on the murder of Rev. James Reeb is gut wrenching, but so important.  It's easy to "forget" the past when you a) don't live in the deep south or b) are white.  But the ramifications of the civil rights area are very real and this series reminds us that we have so far to go in the fight for racial equality.

We all have that friend who is selling something and plasters it all over their social media.  This series takes a dive into the world of Multi Level Marketing and how very few get rich and how most people do not.  Most people lose thousands of dollars.  This podcast also takes a look at the tactics that the companies use to keep people spending money in hopes that one day they may eventually make money.

This series explains the company that was Theranos and its founder Elizabeth Holmes.  It is mind blowing how she was able to raise millions of dollars for a product that never actually worked.  The story of Holmes and the company is absolutely fascinating. 

Stay Up To Date?




This is my favorite daily podcast.  Every weekday, The Daily takes on one topic that is relevant to today's society.  Recently they have discussed the Boeing 737 Max, the trend of hospitals suing their patients, and a 3rd graders guide to impeachment.  If you only have 20-30 minutes a day for a podcast, this will keep you up to date AND give you some additional knowledge to show off to your friends. 

This weekly podcast has three brilliant minds discuss all that is relevant in the world of politics and other current events. They typically discuss two to three topics in depth and then have a brief segment on informative yet random topics that may or may not matter in life.  One thing that I like about the podcast is that even though the hosts lean left, they do an excellent job of playing devil's advocate to explore all sides of an issue. 

One of the original podcasts from Crooked Media, this is your one stop shop from all that is going on in the world.  It's a long podcast, so sometimes I don't even make it through the whole thing.  But I always feel like I know a little more about what is going on in foreign affairs than when I started. 


This bi-weekly podcast is one of the podcasts that got me into podcasts.  I love listening to the guys and their take on what is going on in politics, even if I don't always see eye to eye with them.  I appreciate their due diligence in trying to interview every 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate and their campaign on Vote Say America to raise money for the Democratic Party in general.  They introduced me to people like Cory Booker and Stacey Abrams and I could not be more thankful for that. 

Easy Listen?

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Noble Blood is a wonderfully produced podcast all about the gory details of the life of the nobility.  Dana Schwartz narrates and has such a soothing voice for talking about death and dismemberment. I love it.   


Sometimes life just sucks. Sometimes it's terrible.  And Nora is going to help you talk it out.  It can be hard to listen to people who have gone through hell, but then again they are making it, even if it's one day at a time. 

I love Lovett. I wake up in such a better mood when I know its a Saturday and there is a new Rant Wheel and new game of Okay Stop and I get to hear his voice for an hour.  A mix of current events and comedy its a good way to start your weekend. 

Erin Ryan has been killing it lately with Hysteria.  She has amazing conversations with strong, brilliant, amazing women.  Plus, her segment titled "Hills I'll Die On" is one of the best podcast segments out there.

One Good Episode?

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What Boeing Knew- The Daily has done some excellent reporting on who knew what and when.  The reporting started earlier this year. Listen to that episode here.


The Trail of a Navy SEAL Chief- Who will guard the guards?  This podcast and a recent follow up will make you think about the importance of holding military leaders accountable. 


The Abortion Wars: Part 1 and Part 2- This two part series on access to abortion is a very good introduction to the debate, or at least a good way of looking at it from two perspectives. 


This episode of Backpacker Radio talks to Weezer about her journey as a sober hiker.  While a little more serious than the typical Backpacker Radio, its a great episode to get you into the series and long distance hiking


Swimming Lessons by Outside/In is a fascinating look at why some people learn to swim and why some don't.  It busts the myths of why we think that some people based on what they look like can't swim.  


Can You Feel the Lies Tonight look at Disney's The Lion King and how problematic the movie actually is.  While it is still okay to watch the movie, it is very interesting to understand some of the things that make this movie not quite perfect.


With Respect for Rolling Tundra is a fantastic episode to get into this series.  The interviewee Sara Wolman gives a wonderful overview of life as a Park Ranger and shares her passion for science and the outdoors


Reading the River: I am a sucker for all things river.  If I could I would spend all my free time running the best rivers of the west.  In this episode Heather Hansman talks about her solo pack rafting trip on the Green River.


So Many Money Feelings- I don't love every CYG episode, but I do like their talks about money.  It is so important to be able to have real conversations with loved ones about money.  We can all learn a thing or two about how to talk about it. 


The Treatment is one of my all time favorite podcasts. Don't get me wrong, the content is horrific.  But Rachel Haines and her strength is one of my biggest inspirations.  


Puzzle Rush is an interesting dive into the world of standardized testing and the impact that it has on our youth and the long term consequences. Malcolm Gladwell's presentation may bot be everyone's cup of tea. But this is the first in a two part series, also deck out The Tortoise and the Hair


Food Fight is a very interesting look at the world of private colleges and how the balance between offering financial aid to help diversify the student population and being able to fund the diversity to stay a financially viable institution. 

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