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Bryce Canyon NP, UT

Today I was hiking Queens Garden/Navajo Trail Loop in Bryce National Canyon for the first time. The views were absolutely stunning and I could spend days that I didn't have exploring the canyon. However, today was just an introductory hike, to get my bearings for the next time I plan a more extensive trip to the park.

I was hiking with an American Flag on my pack, since yesterday was the 4th and I was feeling very patriotic. While making my way out of the canyon I have an older Gentleman thank me for carrying my flag. I was caught off guard because I had yet to elicit that response. Many people had casually hollered Happy 4th, but no one thanked me. As I turned around to see the man with his wife, I saw the “Air Force” on his hat and asked if he was a veteran. He said that him and his wife were retired Air Force currently living in North Carolina. I thanked them both for their service and continued my hike with my boyfriend.

I think I stick with the carrying the flag on my pack from now on.

#utah #hiking #nationalpark

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