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Yoses' Guide to the Gateway Arch

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

The Gateway Arch was the first National Park that I ever went to, and in fact I have never actually been to the Arch since it has been designated a National Park. Anyone driving coast to coast on Interstate 70 should make some time to check it out, and spend sometime in St. Louis as it is a great Midwestern City.

I have no idea how old I was the first time I went to the Arch, but there was a huge rush getting to go to the monument. Growing up across the state in the suburbs of Kansas City, the arch was something that made me proud to be from Missouri. Everyone across the country knows what the Arch is and where it is located so at a young age visiting was kind of a big deal.

Visiting the Arch

There are many was to explore the Arch. From the ground, from the Mississippi River, or my personal favorite, from the top. Of the three times I have been, two I have rode in the tram to the viewing platform and loved every minute that I wasn't standing in line.

After climbing into the tram cabins, the tram brings people to the top and then you can see views for days. While I only have a few memories of the actual trip, I do remember being able to look out over Missouri and Illinois and feeling like I was at the top of the world.

Know Before You Go

Because it has been so long since I have been to the Arch, I would recommend visiting their website. I did visit as recently as 2014 and the one thing that I wish I would have done was to purchase tickets in advance. I ended up not going to the top because the line was so long.

I wish I had more memories of the Arch and St. Louis in general. I h

ave been to the city a handful of times but have only gone for 24 hours at a time not leaving much time to truly experience St. Louis.

Besides the Arch

On one of my more recent trips I did visit two of my favorite St. Louis Places. Grant's Farm and the Budwiser Brewery. Grant's Farm is a wonderful family attraction that is free (with a $15 parking fee) and one of my favorite places in Missouri. Mainly because I have a mild to moderate obsession with the Budwiser Clydesdales. The rest of the farm is wonderful, but the barn and pastures where the work horses live and play is fascinating. As a person who grew up around horses, there is something magical about the sheer size of the working horse. Visitors can meet the horses close up and snap a picture or two with them.

For people who want their animal fix with a free beer, visitors can head over to the Budwiser Brewery. I always enjoy a good brew tour and with a free drink at the end, this one doesn't disappoint. It will come as no surprise that I also enjoy the fact that several of the Budwiser Clydesdales live at a barn at the brewery. The tour is free and tickets are on a first come first serve basis.

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