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Hopp's Hockey Weekend: Boston Edition

Beantown was no let down.

From the minute we landed to the time we took off, Boston was a great experience. When we landed on Thursday night we checked into the hotel and set off to find some New England Clam Chowder. We took the "T" to Quincy Market where we found some amazing food. Pops had a lobster roll and I have a Clam Chowder in a bread bowl. My stomach was so satisfied. After a long day of travel we headed in for the night.

On Friday we set out to explore the Freedom Trail, we took the "T" once again (there is a common theme with Public Transit, meaning its awesome AND convenient) to Boston Common where we started our adventure in history. We took a free tour of the Massachusetts State house which was full of history including a tidbit about MISSOURI. Compromise of 1820 anyone? So its not one of Missouri's finer moments*, but it was an important part of our nations history and Massachusetts. The statehouse was beautiful with gorgeous marble, to symbols of the states history and our country's history.

*History Lesson: The compromise of 1820 allowed Missouri to enter the union as a slave state, while Maine broke off from Massachusetts and entered as a free state. There is a pine cone that sits atop to gold dome which is a nod to the state of Maine. At the time of this buildings completion Maine was still a territory of Massachusetts and the logging industry was very important to the state's economy. Ergo it all comes full circle back to the compromise of 1820.

The state house from the outside

Where the Senate meets

The first statue dedicated to the women of the civil war

After the state house we continued down the freedom trail, there were graveyards, churches, meeting places, birthplaces, and the Old North Church home of Paul Reveres famous ride. The freedom trail was a great way to spend the day in Boston learning about its history.

The Old State House against the modern day skyscrapers

Paul Reveres House

Pops in front of the Revere House

One of the old gravestones

A block in Beacon Hill

Old North Church

Pops giving Paul a high five.

Then it was time for some hockey! The whole reason of for the trip and it sure didn't disappoint. The hockey was awesome and in the end the Hawks came away with the 1-0 victory!

TD Garden before the game

Darling in the net with the shut out!

The next day our adventures continued. First we went to Fenway for a tour of the Red Sox's home turf. Then we ended up at the women's march and then headed off to Bunker Hill and the USS Constitution.

A few pic from Fenway. Maybe one day I will see a game there!

My favorite sign from the Women's March

A view from the top of the Bunker Hill monument.

The USS Constitution

View of the Charles River at sunset

The trip to Boston was amazing and I am so glad that a) we went b) the hawks won and c) the food was amazing. I would definatley go back to the history rich, sports crazed cities.

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