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Hopp's Hockey Weekend: Seattle

There is no better feeling the flying past Rainier on the descent into SeaTac. This trip started with one of the most epic window seat views that I have ever encountered. There were views of Death Valley, The Sierra, and then almost all of the Cascade Peaks (Lassen, Shasta, Sisters, Jefferson). On the initial descent I was a little sad to miss the view of Rainier but the sight of the Olympics was stunning. Right as the plane started to glide below the clouds, the engines roared and the plane began to lift. While I have many questions as to why this happened, it meant that we circled around and I caught the view of a mountain that I longed to climb. The plane landed and it was as if I was home.

Dad and I made our way to our hotel (via some public transit) and checked into our hotel. Dad wanted to visit the Center for Wooden Boats and it was closed on Mondays so we needed to make sure that we went that afternoon. But I was starving so I rerouted us to Dukes for some seafood. And Duke's didn't disappoint (that opinion was seconded by my dad). Then we went over to the Center for Wooden Boats. More exhibit than museum, but the boats were pretty cool. The first day ended with a trip to THE REI.

The next day was game day. Kraken v Hawks. We started with a trip to the Museum of History and Industry. Which is a phenomenal museum about the history of Seattle. From the first people to how the land has changed along with the growth of the city. We could have spent most of the day there as there was so much content to be consumed.

Then we made our way over to the Climate Pledge Arena. And it's one heck of an area. My only complaint is that the view for warm ups is pretty limited to behind the goalie which just doesn't have the same interaction with the fans as most arenas. Plus I am a very jump person so i flinched every time a puck hit the glass, which was often. After warm ups I ran into my friend, Col and while she stayed on the lower deck, my dad and I went up to the nosebleeds. It was a great game, for as terrible as the game was, we got our first hockey weekend overtime AND first shoot out. In the end the hawks fell, but still picked up a point.

After the game we wandered to the Space Needle and I took my dad up the icon of the Seattle skyline. It was a clear night and I could point out all of the features of the skyline that I knew. I wish we had a clear day to go up and catch a coveted view of Rainier, but maybe another day. After the Space Needle we took the monorail to downtown to eat at Din Tai Fung. We have the best soup dumplings and were entranced by how fantastic the food was. Dinner wrapped up our day in Seattle.

The next morning I walked from the hotel to Kerry Hill for one last view of the skyline before we left. Rainier wasn't out, but it was just another reminder of how much I love the city. I needed that walk to consume the views of Queen Anne and imagine a life, my life in the city.

And that would be a wrap on #HoppsHockeyWeekend edition 2022. Until next year.

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