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International Women's Day 2020

So, its International Women's Day 2020 (IWD 2020) and if you're asking yourself what does that mean? Well I don't have a great answer other than its a day to celebrate the F*** out of all that women do, all that women create, all that women are capable of being. And whether you want it or not here are my hot takes on women who are doing some super rad things.

Vote Your A** Off

Live in Kansas? Vote for Dr. Barbara Bollier. An amazing doctor, mother, Kansas that stands for facts and common sense. You can donate to her campaign here.

Live in Kentucky? Vote for Amy McGrath. Best way to get Mitch: Vote for Amy (cause she is running against him). She fought to become a pilot in the US Navy and has never looked back. You can donate to her campaign here.

There are probably more but since all of the females who should be at the top of the US Presidential ticket dropped out (because you know sexism) look up your local ladies who have that "D" next to their name and see if their views line up with yours.

Read their S***

Women have some amazing books out there. I personally think you should take a look at these amazing writers.

Beck Dorey-Stein wrote the most amazing rom-com of her life working in the Oval. From the Corner of the Oval is perhaps one of my favorite books ever. Like all time. And I like a lot of books.

Alyssa Mastromonaco just gives me hope that even at 30 and not having any idea about what I want to do that life will sort itself out. Who Thought This Was a Good Idea? made me feel like being lost is okay even if I'm single and own a cat.

Suzanne Roberts wrote one of the books that inspired me to do the PCT. After Wild, Almost Somewhere was the book that really sealed the deal that anyone who really wants to be a tru hiker, can indeed be a thru hiker.

Follow these Bad A** Women on Social

Marika Pelham: Because she was easily one of the fastest hikers on the PCT in 2019, male or female.

Camille Yameen: She does great work for the women who need the most help in Illinois, by night she is a poet and speaker, oh she is also a former peace corp member.

Jenna Berg: She has built an amazing knitting community. She designs knitting patterns based off of indigenous designs and they are almost as beautiful as she is as a person.

Listen to Their S****

She Explores is one of my favorite outdoor podcasts. Check out my Podcast Rec's for some of my favorite episodes.

Hysteria is for everything involving women in politics.

Terrible, Thanks for Asking is for when you need to know that everything is going to be okay

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