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Rise and Shine

I wish I was a morning person. Like, I really wish that I had the ability to be wide awake at 6:30 AM every single day. But I'm not. I can fake it for the first part of the day, but then around 1:00 PM I really have to have a nap. I wish that I was a morning person.

Mainly because I love to watch the sunrise. To me, they are better than sunsets. Maybe not visually, in that aspect they are pretty equal. But to chase a sunrise you really have to work for it. You have to roll out of that extremely warm and comfortable bed and then go find one. Sunsets, they just sort of happen, you can find yourself being at the right place at the right time and catch the sky putting on its best show for you.

But sunrises, they require work.

When the sun rises and you find yourself at the cusp of a really good one it feels like you can take on world. It feels like the world is yours and yours alone. The colors give hope and promise for a day that has barely started. And while everyone else is still asleep, you are making your life happen.

I want to see more sunrises.

Sunrise over the Chisos Mountains in Big Ben National Park

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