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Saint Paul/Minneapolis, MN: The Jucy Lucy

Have you experienced the magic of a Juicy Lucy? I hadn't, at least not until I moved here. Now I am on a quest to find my favorite. I have found a few so far and I intend on eating my around Minneapolis until I have tried them all!

So far these are the results:

1) The Nook:

The best I have had so far. By a long shot. The melted cheese in the burger is just goodness in a meat patty. Careful though, the this has had by far the highest risk of burning my tongue!

2) The Blue Door Pub:

With three locations in the MSP area, its a treat to eat at this tasty establishment. While I tried their "bluicy" I wasn't a fan as it is A LOT of blue cheese all at once. But their classic Juicy Lucy is a treat and its paired with excellent fries.

3) Matt's Bar:

Like the 5-8 they claim to have to original Jucy Lucy as well. I personal felt like it was a superior burger to The 5-8. Almost to the level of the Nook. However, their fries are wonderful but you can’t quite get the cheese overflow like the Nook's onto the fries. Almost tied for #1.

4) The 5-8

Supposed to be one of the original places where the Juicy Lucy was created, it had a pretty good cheese/meat ratio and its cooked pretty darn well.

5) Maple Tavern

Decent. This bar and grill is in the suburb of Maple Grove and it was okay. While the cheese concoction in the patty was good the burger itself was slightly undercooked

6) Ray J's

Stick to the wings here. The Juicy Lucy is supposed to actually have cheese in the middle. While there was a little pocket of cheese this one seemed more like a plain old hamburger.

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