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Saying Yes to The Dress

*This is being written in March of 2018. and Posted AFTER the wedding as to not give anything away.

I have a few friends that I distinctly remember meeting. I can't say the same about all of my college friends but I can say the same for Audrey and Kayla. I met Audrey a few days before classes started at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. We both had signed up for (nerd alert) an engineering school before school campout. It was to meet classmates and professors. I was waiting for the bus when I saw this girl with a "Nebraska Track and Field" t-shirt, and asked if she was running track, she said YES, and we have been friends ever since. When we got back from our campout we met Kayla, another track and field girl who live right next to me in the dorms, and our dads were frat brothers at KU just a 'few' years before.

Flash forward 10 years and we are still best friends. And Audrey met Jon, and Jon asked her to marry him, and now Audrey needed to find a dress.

So she was gracious enough to let me join her and he mother to look for the perfect dress. So we met up in Kansas City along with Kayla to help her find the perfect dress. Let me just pause for a minute and say this, Audrey is one of the most gorgeous human beings ever, inside and out, she wants to make everyone around her happy and she is fierce inside the courtroom as well.

We started our day at the first dress shop and it took a while to get into the appointment, the dresses were just okay and while the lady helping was nice, there wasn't a dress (to me at least) that had the WOW factor. I think Audrey, Kayla, and Susan (Audrey's mom) agreed. So we left and I honestly wasn't sure she would find a dress today.

So we took a quick break and had bottomless mimosas and tapas from La Bodega to catch up on life and do some bachelorette party planning (Las Vegas here we come). It was crazy to not only think that we had been friends for 10 years but that we were talking about 401k's and babies. How times have changed!

After lunch we went to appointment number two. And there were so many brides when we got there, but the minute we started looking at dresses the place cleared out. We (Kayla, Susan, and I) pulled six or so dresses and from dress number one the look on Audrey's face was like nothing we saw at the first appointment.

You could tell that she felt like she looked like a bride. She found the style that she wanted and there were so many of that style to choose from. They were all stunning. Dress after dress she came out of the room beaming and then instead of trying to convince herself to like the dress she was in. She took a minute, looked at some of the pictures and went back in the fitting room to try on the one.

When she came out she looked stunning. And she knew she had found the one.

It only made everyone that much more excited for the wedding. When her and Jon say their vows to each other. It will be the perfect day.

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