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Ski Season 2022: Day 1 Run 1

It felt great to be back on the hill. I think it's safe to say that I have graduated to an "intermediate" skier. Am I ready for the black diamonds. No. Do I still have to pie down parts of the blues. Yes. But can I get some speed on those wide open runs? Absolutely. This was the first year where I started to feel confident in my abilities on Day 1 Run 1 of the season. I know I JUST started my on a little baby green run at a resort in Arizona, but still. For the first time it felt like riding a bike. As always I worked my way across the mountain warming up on the easier runs, the hitting some more technical runs, before making my way over to the run I know I can always pick up speed on. Everything just fell into place.

I didn’t light the world on fire with my skiing abilities. For me, the day was more than just my skiing performance. It was about taking a few seconds to look up over the plateau. And being in awe of the high desert. Or the moment from the lift when you catch a glimpse of the rim of the Grand Canyon and sort of wish I was there but grateful to also be on the Mountain. There is the freedom of gliding down the mountain where I am in control and free at the same time. It’s a feeling that is hard to replicate in day to day life. At the end of the day I am so happy just being in the mountains. Flagstaff and Northern Arizona are just so special for me that I can't help but love being up there. I bought a pass to ski elsewhere this year, but it wouldn't be the perfect ski season without a day or two at Snowbowl.

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