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The PC-What?

I have realized there are some common questions when it comes to the PCT. And while I certainly don't have all the answers (yet) below are some FAQs and resources for you.

What is the PCT?

The Pacific Crest Trail is a 2650 mile footpath that starts at the US/Mexico Boarder and ends at the US/Canada boarder while traversing through California, Oregon, and Washington.

So You Just Walk?

Pretty much.

For How Long?

Ideally 5-5.5 months.

What are you packing?

I have the camp basics like my pack, shelter, sleep system (quilt and sleeping pad), stove water filter, etc. I am carrying two sets of clothes, sun glasses, hat, buff, rain gear. Then there are the personal care items like sunscreen, first aid kit, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. The rest is food!

So you pack six months of food?

Not really, with the exception of the Sierras there is food every 5-6 days depending. There are options to buy food in town or have boxes of food sent to you.

Are you sending yourself boxes?

YES! My plan is to send 8-10 boxes to myself along the trail and supplement the boxes with food from towns.

Can I send you anything?

Yes, but please follow my how-to guide on that in the next blog post.

Can I see you on the trail?

Maybe, but please follow my how-to guide on that!

Are you bringing a gun?

No, first of all, I do not have the background, training, or expertise to have a gun. Secondly, its a relatively safe trail, there is little treat of foul play on trail.

What about bears?

There are ways to be bear aware in the back country, for example following rule around bear canisters on certain portions of the trail, as well as responsible food management (you will need to think twice about keeping that midnight snack in your tent).

You say a lot of funny words, what are you talking about?

See the Glossary, at the bottom of this post!

Where can I go to learn more about the PCT?

-The PCTA is a wonderful organization that manages the trail

-Halfway Anywhere has great stories and information from the trail, from his personal experience and his annual surveys of PCT Hikers

-The Trek has great information about the PCT, AT (Appalachian Trail), and the CDT (Continental Divide Trail)

-My blog for The Trek, you can follow me along there (as well as here)

But what if I want to listen to a podcast?

-Backpacker Radio is from The Trek and a great way to learn more about long distance hiking in general

-Trail Correspondents is also from The Trek and will feature hikers from the AT, PCT, and CDT Class of 2019

-While not about long distance hiking, She Explores, is fantastic podcast about women getting into the outdoors, and there are several episodes featuring long distance hikers

How doe we follow along with you?

-Check out my IG @bhoppen.adventures

-Check out and subscribe to my blog on The Trek

-Follow along with this blog!

-Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for novice VLogs

Any more questions? Send me a message via my Contact Page!

PCT Glossary

Thur-Hike: A long distance hike that is completed at one time. Example: I am thru-hiking the PCT this year, straight from Mexico to Canada

Section Hike: A long distance hike that is completed during multiple times, eventually the sections add up to the duration of the thru-hike. This can be done over several months or several years.

Resupply: When you don't carry all of you food, fuel and toiletries for six months you have to stop in towns and resupply. This may be via the stores in town or packages that have been sent to you.

NOBO/SOBO: The abbreviated direction of travel. Northbound. Southbound. Majority of hikers will be NOBO.

Trail Name: A given nickname when on trail.

Hiker Trash: Because we are hikers, and a little trashy.

Hiker Trash Vogue: When hiker trash pretends like they can vogue. See Twerk's IG

PC: Tommy Corey of @twerkinthedirt

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