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The Trail Provides: Corona Arch

The Trail Provides: I had made it to the arch and it was stunning. Arches National Park is down the street from this hike and yet Corona is one of the most stunning arches that I have ever seen. Its not quite Delicate Arch or Double O, but its close. I was admiring the arch when two women showed up. They were laughing and laughing. I couldn't see them, they were on the other side of the arch but I sure could hear them. I was sure they were high. There was no way the couldn't be. But as I set off for the trailhead I saw the two women in scrubs.

As I passed they asked if I could take some pictures. I said yes and directed them to the side of the arch with better lighting. They were taking pictures for a wellness cards and after incorrectly assuming they were both nurses (such a cringe worthy moment as one was a doctor), I snapped some of the both of them and they returned the favor.

I asked if they would send me one of these cards and it finally showed up in the mail. I hope our paths cross again. They were so genuinely happy. They were two women who may only be in my life for that moment of time. Or my path might lead me back to Moab and both of them. But their kindness, even if only experienced for a few moments was exactly what I needed after a week where I had doubted the goodness of people.

I had been running from the world and Mother Nature introduced me to two women who were just happy. Undeniably happy.

I will always be grateful for the amazing women that are in my life, that pass through my life, or I simply admire for a far. And on this day the trail provided exactly what I needed. A picture of happiness.

Trip Report: Corona Arch is a moderate 2.4 mile out and back trail. The hike out is very mellow until roughly 0.8 miles when the trail climbs onto a plateau where the arch is. Prior to the climb the trail ascends through a wash at first and the very gradually over open high desert. The trail makes a final climb that requires a climb up a short ladder and then another climb using a set chain route. If you are worried about heights you can see the arch and don't have to make the last climb.

The last little bit the the arch is a "choose your own adventure" as the trail disappears. You can enjoy the arch from both sides just be cautious as you walk around.

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